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RLD - An amazing Reflexology treatment - given to those who are dealing with lymphatic drainage issues from conditions such as cancer, swelling in arms, hands or legs through other lymphatic conditions.  This treatment was created by Sally Kay (Sally Kay herself is a world leader in creating this treatment) who, I had the privilege to train under in order to enhance my existing Reflexology skills with this bespoke addition to any of my Reflexology treatments.  This treatment can also help with peripheral neuropathy issues too. 

What is this treatment 

Unlike Reflexology, this treatment deals with the lymphatic system in the body and helps to get the lymphatic system working as it should.  This can take a few weeks and other times you may see results immediately.

FOOT REFLEXOLOGY is a completely different treatment so please when booking ensure that you know which treatment you require.




Ziggie Bergman is the originator of this Zone Facelift (ZFL) method and I have been fortunate enough to train under her guidance.  This is an amazing treatment for the face - Zone Facelift is a very natural way of stimulating the collagen under your skin to enhance your natural beauty.  My fingers and natural oils are the only products used for this particular treatment.  Your skin will be toned, look more youthful as the process stimulates all the senses in your face.  The method used throughout your face promotes healing, tones and plumps up the muscles in the face and softens fine lines.  This luxury treatment leaves you feeling completely relaxed and calm.  This treatment is non-invasive and non-surgical - you will not need botox or fillers as this is a completely natural treatment.  This enhances the beautiful skin that you already have, making it look and feel so much better.

This treatment can be booked as an individual treatment, weekly or monthly.  A "12 weeks course" will help with the cost as you will receive a discount.  Please contact me for further information.


Face – hot towels are typically used before a facial to relax the muscles on the face, soften the skin, open the pores and allow skin treatment to penetrate the skin with ease. This treatment allows me to firstly thoroughly remove deep-seated dirt and oil in the pores and then to nourish the skin and massage the facial area so that your skin not only feels renewed, you do too.


Facial cupping - a technique that is specialised to help rejuvenate, stimulate the muscles under the skin, your skin then feels and looks tight, there is a glow to your facial features, you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated by the end of the treatment and look great too.


A unique facial treatment - These Thai hot herbal poultices bring the essence of natural herbs and spices to a facial treatment, again these herbs will help the skin rejuvenate while letting the skin soak up the natural herbs and spices.  A great treatment when you are feeling tired and in need of a great pick you up.  Please discuss with me before any of the above treatments to ensure there is no contraindications or specific herbs that you do or do not like.  All these poultices are available for you to take home and use for yourself.  A small charge is made for the poultice.


Aromatherapy - Deep Tissue - Swedish - Pregnancy

Aromatherapy massages - are amazingly relaxing from the start.  I use aromatherapy oils, specific to your requirements and made up before any treatments begin, so that you know they are fresh.  Aromatherapy and natural products are used throughout my massages.  Having worked down on a Lavender Farm for approximately 5+ years, prior to COVID the above massages are specifically enhanced to ensure that the client gets the very best out of the massage from the time it starts until the end. 

Pregnancy massages - are deeply relaxing for the client and the baby.  This is a gentle massage, this helps to calm your senses.

Deep Tissue Massages - are exactly what they say, the pressure is firm and the client will feel relaxed and calm at the end of the treatment.

Swedish Massages - The pressure is again firm for this treatment and yet relaxing at the same time.  You will feel calm, rejuvenated and relaxed too.


PEDICURE - An amazing way to relax and feel rejuvenated